This encapsulates the team’s feelings as boot camp goes underway.

Source: forensicate
  • Iraq: e-rak (rhymes with rock)
  • Al-Qaida: al-kaidah (not kayduh)
  • Iran: e-rahn (not ran)
  • Eritrea: eh rhi tree uh
  • Sudan: su dahn (ah type sound)
  • Niger: Knee zher (its French, rhymes with Pierre)
  • Mauritania: ma u rhi tah nee ah
  • Djibouti: don't pronounce the d
  • Sudan: don't call it "the Sudan"
  • Mujahdeen: moo jah hid dean
  • Pakistan: pah-key stahn
  • Afghanistan: ahhf gahn ee stahn
Source: fuckyeahspeechanddebate
Photo Set


Best of luck to our Ripon College Forensics Team as they head to Arizona for the National Tournament!

Our qualifying students are:
Senior Angelica Schwartz - District Champion - Poetry Interpretation, Program Oral Interpretation and Duo Interpretation with her partner, Sophomore Caroline Lundt - District Champion.

Senior David Garcia - National Qualifier in After Dinner Speaking, Extemporaneous Speaking, and Impromptu speaking.
Junior Katie Biedler - National Qualifier in Communication Analysis.
Sophomore Katie Warczak - National Qualifier in Impromptu Speaking and extemporaneous speaking.
First year Allison Reinhardt - National Qualifier in Persuasion and Communication Analysis.

     In addition, First year Allison Reinhardt is one of only two students to represent the state of Wisconsin at the Interstate Oratory National Contest, held this year at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA.

Source: riponcollegeadmission

This event is a chance for varsity members of the Ripon College Forensics team to showcase a few of their nationally qualified events before the national tournament in Arizona. Events will range from persuasive speeches to dramatic interpretations of literature and poetry. This showcase is open to the public and free of charge, so please come support the forensics team!

Participants: Angelica Schwartz, David Garcia, Katie Biedler, Katie Warczak, Carly Lundt, and Allison Reinhardt.

The showcase will be held in the Pickard Dining Room in the upper level of the commons.


Say hello to our wonderful first-year teammate, Shannon Richards!

Shannon and her family lives in Elkhart, Indiana.

Shannon is the type of girl that never shies away from being herself.  She loves reading, writing, and keeping up with her favorite TV shows such as Dr. Who and Phineas and Ferb.

Shannon also has an interest in art.  In particular, she loves drawing and making pipe cleaner art.

Here is a chalice Shannon drew for her Midwest Leadership School.

What makes Shannon special on our team is her pride in who she is.  She once even wrote a poem declaring her pride in being different from what is considered the normativity.

Shannon and Bieds had a little fun over Lovefest naming and creating a “house” for their dear beloved bread roll, Fred Rollington.

At Ripon College, Shannon is interested in studying Religious Studies, English, Anthropology, and Sociology.

The categories Shannon participates in this year are Prose and Duo, but she is looking at the possibility of doing Informative next year.

That’s Shannon in a small nutshell.  Care to learn more about the team?  Visit our links at the top right corner of the page or feel free to submit a question!






As we stated earlier in our movie poster, William Penterman is in the midst of his college search journey. Willie, as he prefers to be called, is from Kaukauna where he attends Fox Valley Lutheran High School. In school he participates in: track, soccer, forensics, Student Council…

Since this Tumblr focuses on introducing our fellow teammates, it’s only appropriate to share profiles of future Red Hawks!  Here’s the profile of a student interested in participating in forensics at Ripon College next year!  We’re excited to meet you, Willie!

Source: riponcollegeadmission

Meet one of our forensic seniors, David Garcia!


He’s known throughout the team, and even among some people outside the team, as Daisy.  He got the nickname after wearing plastic daisies to match his debate partner, Carly, at the Vocal Viking.

Daisy hails from West Chicago, Illinois, with his two brothers.


Daisy is very much a technology-orientated person, as he enjoys listening to podcasts, browsing Reddit (a popular forum), playing League of Legends, reading science literature and science fiction, and, as he puts it, “slaying his enemies.”


There is one thing that Daisy is absolutely notorious for, though, and that is his ability to sleep anywhere at any time.


Daisy is a History and Chemistry double major with a minor in Economics.

For forensics, he participates in Informative, Impromptu, Persuade, After Dinner Speaking, and Extemporaneous Speaking.

He has also qualified Extemporaneous Speaking for AFA Nationals.

That’s Daisy in a small nutshell.  Care to know more about the team?  Visit our links at the top right corner of the page or feel free to submit a question!


Meet little Red Hawk first-year, Holly Goodwin!


Holly is from Neenah, Wisconsin.  However, she did go to school in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  She was also born in Hampton, Virginia.


Holly is quite the lively person!  She enjoys creative writing, mostly in the form of novels.  She also thoroughly enjoys critiquing films, reading, and, just like any college student, sleeping.


Holly also really enjoys horseback riding, an interest she shares with her long time friend and fellow forensics teammate, Shirt Warczak.

Shirt’s not the horse, in case you were wondering.


Holly has a lot of quirks.  One is that she takes pride in her baby Kiwi, a bright green car.


The areas she’s interested in studying are English and Communication.

This year, Holly competed in Impromptu and Extemporaneous Speaking.

That’s Holly in a small nutshell.  Care to know more about the team?  Visit our links at the top right corner of the page or feel free to submit a question!


Interstate Oratory

The top two Persuades in every state (determined by the state tournament) get to compete in a national oratory competition. This year, first-year Allison Reinhardt won 2nd place in Persuade, meaning she gets to represent Ripon College at Interstate Oratory in Virginia! Congratulations & good luck!